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Damn Brilliant Copy

You've got some great stuff in your business... and you know it's great. You can excitedly talk about it for daaays. So you sit down to write for your website or emails or anything really, but it reads as though some corporate lady sporting a navy blue pantsuit and a bun has written it while peering over her black spectacles. WTF?!

It's boring. It's vanilla. Uninspiring. So. Not. YOU!

HEAVY sigh. Delete. Try again.

This time... it sounds like, well... remember the last time you pulled into a car dealership and the salesmen all flocked around you like vultures sniffing out a roadside kill? It sounds like those vulture wrote your sales page.

Then there's the ole "I just wrote this whole dang thing and it sounds like every other person's stuff in my industry" syndrome. Crap!

It's 2am.

Why can't you just get your voice to get onto the damned paper (er, screen) like it sounds when you talk?

Why is it so hard to convey personality and even some humor, while keeping your readers from nodding off and drooling on themselves as they scroll?

You're too close to it, babe.

You need outside eyeballs.

You need someone to ask you some thought-provoking questions about your business and look at it in a way that you haven't before.

You need someone with a sense of humor (ehem), who can write with massive doses of personality.

You need copy that makes your readers feel like you're in the room with them, talking right to their faces like the real-ass human that you are.

You need someone to knock that blue-suited, bun- wearing minion out of her chair, someone to give that salesman a swift kick in the ass and someone to bring your awesome stuff to life so that you can reach more people, engage them as they read and excite them so that they BUY.

I mean, that's the goal, right?


If you know what you want and you're ready to roll right now, head on over here to let me know more about what you need and get on my calendar... Or maybe you like to take things slow. No back seat on the first date, kinda gal, huh? Let's get to know each other first.

Yeah, cool...I feel you.

How about we dig in to who, exactly you're talkin' to in your copy (because that's where all great copy is born!). Yes I'm talking about your

Ideal client

Customer avatar

Client profile

Whatever you wanna call it, you hafta know who the people are that you're selling your stuff to on a deep level.

Like, really deep. So I've made you a free, fun primer quiz.

I promise it's not some mind-numbing, "I'd rather rip my own arm off and beat myself with it" bullshit. You might discover more than you thought about your dream clients... and that may be the ticket to selling them your epic stuff.

All ya' gotta do is click below to find out