Your website, brand and copy are like a powerful, successful woman. The moment she enters a room, she demands the eyes of everyone in it without speaking a single word.

When she moves, people watch.

When she speaks, people listen.

She is fascinating and fresh.

Most importantly, she won’t bore the shit out of you. She is unique and beautifully comfortable in her own skin. She seems to have a firm grasp on exactly who she is and the wisdom she wishes to impart to the world.

She effortlessly attracts people like a magical magnet.

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Whether your customers are businesses looking for your time saving, money making solutions; people dying to wear your jewelry or clients in desperate need of your coaching services, your website, brand and copy are the universal remedy to a population of desperate customers with severely diffused attention spans.


What if your business commanded attention? Had people watching? Listening? Attracting the right people?

Really, you only have exactly 3-5 seconds or less to capture the attention of potential customers when they hit your homepage. That’s it. Then… sorry, Charlie, they’re off to the next… likely cat videos on YouTube, never to be seen again.

Sad, right?

And your job isn’t done there. It’s every damn web page, every damn email and every damn video you produce. ATTENTION… that’s your one job- TO CATCH AND KEEP ATTENTION.

Yes, websites and branding and copywriting can get expeeeensive. Websites alone can cost $10k or more. Branding? Another $2k or more. Copy for that new website? Yeah… thousands.

I mean, for established businesses who have cash rolling in, sure. But for a small business like yours that’s not well established or barely breaking even? Not feasible… and frankly- NOT SMART!

Your sole focus should be on maximizing your customer base and doing the fucking work so that you can re-invest $10k into your business, but no one wants that dreaded website shame for months or even years until you get there either. So what do you do? Try to design your own website, stying up until 3am and crying? Go at it with no website?



Damn Brilliant Business Solutions

(queue “We Are the Champions” by Queen!)

Ready to roll? Go ahead and click above to get started. You could be sharing a new website in 7-10 days! WOO!

Ready to roll? Go ahead and click above to get started. You could be sharing a new website in 7-10 days! WOO!


Most websites, with fresh copy and baby-branding, from start to finish take 7-10 business days and $997. Easy peasy.

If you don’t yet have a domain, we’ll snag one with Squarespace (where your website is hosted) for a few bucks (not included in price) and you’re off to the races. You’ll be sharing your swoon worthy website in about a week!

If you already have a domain we can transfer it ($45 additional fee) too so you can keep those 1200 business cards that you had printed haven’t quite burned through yet.


Maybe You Already Have a Website and You’re In Need of Some Damn Brilliant WORDS in Your Business?

Yes, yes… words! A home page that quickly and effectively communicates your business, an about page that allows people to FEEL you and your mission or maybe emails that grab your customers and never let them go! There’s also the ever popular re-purposing of content. Wanna turn your your podcast into an e-book? Woo doggy! We can do that.

Wanna know copywriting rates? Cool! Shoot me an email HERE and I’m happy to chat about your needs.

The Face Behind the Curtain (er, website)


Hi (insert awkward wave). I’m Amy Wright. It was 2009, I was expecting our 4th child and was dreading returning to corporate America. I wanted to start something of my own so that I could create and breathe and still be a mom.

I started researching how to work from home, found a few ideas, settled on one and realized that I needed a website because HELLO?! 2009!

I looked at the cost to build a website. NOTHANKS Mr. Crazypants.

So I took to GoDaddy and built the shittiest website known to (wo)man, with a very corporate-y headshot to match. It wasn’t me. It wasn’t great but it WAS a start.


Ever since, I’ve been building (non-shitty) websites, writing Damn Brilliant Copy, as well as a lifelong student of online business, taking courses like Marie Forleo’s Bschool, several copywriting courses, business books out the wazoo. Oh, I’ve also built my own comedy brand that has graced the eyeballs of millions of people, so there’s that.

We now have 5 kids, one crazy dog, a cat, some fish and I have the passion and ability to save people (just like you) from shitty websites and copy all over the world ;)

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